The Rhinebeck tennis Club is now offering pickleball lessons and clinics at our indoor facility.  International Pickleball Federation certified teaching pro and U.S. Open gold medalist Lou Duke will be offering individual and group lessons, and 

a series of mini boot camps during the 2022 season.  In addition, Lou, former Bard College tennis coach and  nationally ranked doubles player, will be assisting Bob with teaching tennis at the club this season. 




pickleball techniques that will be emphasized include;

serve and return

volleying,  paddle positioning, grips

stroke mechanics and footwork

shot placement, percentage play

positioning, shifting, and when to approach the no volley zone 

drop shots, 3rd and 5th shot drops from the back and mid court,  

responding to drop shots, and when to attack

keeping a perspective and having fun


You can form a group, or join an established group. 




the indoor court is available from 7 am till 8 pm, @$ 60/hr for open play.  

call or email for 2 hour session rates, special group rates, evening lessons, and available times.  


$180   1 hour 3 player group clinic, at your convenience ($50 per player if more that 3 )

$300    2 hour clinic series  - 1 pm saturday  - 4 weeks, beginning June 4th  (3 person minimum 8 person max) 

$300    2 hour clinic series  - 10 am monday  -4 weeks, beginning June 6th  (3 person minimum 8 person max)

$125   1 hour individual lesson 


form your own group,  and contact Lou for the rates which will be based on the number of hours and players.


$80 per person for a 3 hour clinic amp with 6- 8 players.


beginning in June and based on demand, group clinics will be added that a single player can join,  

For information and to sign up for a program, email or text Lou Duke;

lou5802@aol.com     845-594-6644